As part of ESGADIA’s agenda to reduce the self export of our Afrikan youths to seek for greener pastures abroad, we plan to establish Industrial hubs across Afrika where some of our ideas to harness our renewable and non-renewable resources shall be put to practice.
We have a long list of Factory Machineries, we have secured Proforma invoices for some of the machines while other Proforma Invoices shall be made available upon request as we are in discussion with the manufacturers of these factory machines.
These machines when installing and working shall be pilots for Governments, Organization and Private Investors who may wish to replicate the pilots in other parts of the continent.
We would start with Nigeria as we must first fix Nigeria if we must fix Afrika, thereafter we move to Ghana, Kenya, Zambia and other states of Africa.
We shall be needing a minimum of 20 hectares of Land for this Industrial Hub that shall be comprising of state-of-the-art pilot factories.

Our focus shall be in those sectors and sub sectors where the raw materials are 100% locally sourced. These are;

  1. Solid Mineral Resources (Mining, Beneficiation and Refining where applicable).
  2. Waste Management (Waste Recycling and Waste to Energy/Power)
  3. Agriculture (Agro-processing)
  4. Oil and Gas (Petrochemicals and Oil Tools Manufacturing).

The factories in the Industrial hub shall be powered by our Waste to Energy (Power) plant, so the fear of not sustaining the hub due to unavailability or shortage of Power is allayed. Please note that here in ESGADIA we shall welcome any Private Investor who may wish to build turbines and generators that can be powered by the various grades of fuel derived from Waste; Fuel Oil (Heavy and Light), Diesel and Mixed Combustible gas (predominantly methane gas) which are very suitable for Power generation plants.

The various derivatives or final products from the pilot factories shall be sold locally to our local manufacturers for industrial applications and for local consumptions.
All these we hope to achieve with your cooperation, with the cooperation of those that have the growth of Afrika in their minds; the Afro-optimists.
Let’s come together to make Afrika work again.