Economic Strategic Growth And Development Initiative of Africa (ESGADIA) is an initiative designed to bring together Africans of diverse backgrounds to help marshal resources as a panacea for the economic woes that continue to bedevil Africa.

While it is universally acknowledged that Africa is the repository of untapped resources which if harnessed and creatively exploited would lift her from the muck and mire of poverty into the orbit of prosperity, the paradox is that many Africans continue to wallow in abject poverty thus leaving the Continent in the periphery of world affairs.

Many commentators and observers believe, and to a certain extent rightly so, that the problems of Africa have been analyzed, intellectualized and moralized for too long and that the time for salvific action is now.

We at ESGADIA, without arrogating to ourselves the monopoly of wisdom or knowledge, have accepted the clarion call to action and not remain armchair critics whose role is to find fault without offering solutions.

We believe that Africa can only solve her many problems by creating a robust economy, hence our call to Africans of goodwill to join us in the quest for wealth creation. 

Prof. PLO Lumumba
Board Chairman