Who we are

Economic Strategic Growth And Development Initiative of Africa (ESGADIA) is a Pan Africanists,  Not-for-profit, Non- Governmental Organization saddled with the task of Industrializing Africa through the facilitation of workable partnerships between African heads of Governments and Private Investors.

Part of our statutory mandate is to review Governments policies as they affect investors; to ensure that such policies are not counterproductive but are investor friendly. It is a dream of “One Youth One job” that we want to see actualize in the continent of Africa.

Aims & Objective

  1. To Promote Economic Growth and Development in Africa
  2. To engage in harnessing core African traditional values of labour and industry with a view to formulating sustainable economic principles sellable to the global economy;
  3. To engage in advocacy campaign for reorientation of emerging African leaders on the need to explore the usefulness and practicability of Africans values of labour, leadership and entrepreneurship in the global economy.
  4. To reawaken the dormant consciousness of African traditional entrepreneurial values towards facilitating partnerships between African Governments and Global Investors with the aim of creating sustainable Jobs and Wealth for the People of Africa by harnessing and employing the numerous Renewable and Non-renewable Resources available in the African Environment.
  5. To develop new thinking or consciousness of global trend of right business attitudes to enhance global partnership;
  6. To identify the various cultural and peculiar challenges hindering our Local Manufacturers and entrepreneurs and develop a platform for discussion with African Heads of Government with a view to develop peer review mechanism among African nations on how to find lasting solution to them.
  7. Develop conversations around Government Policies as they affect our Local Manufacturers with a view to constantly engage with the government on areas counterproductive to the growth and development of local industry.
  8. To source funds from global donors with a view to identifying emerging local industries in need and applying such funds directly to the purchase and finance Factory Machinery where some of our African youths shall be gainfully employed.

While the rest of the world looks up to Africa for the lion share of its raw materials for Economic growth, such contributions are not matched with commensurate benefits of economic growth and development in Africa. Consequently, this has led some African youths to find solace in all manner of criminal activities and desperations including Robbery, Kidnapping, Drug trafficking, Internet fraud etc.

While thousands die every day in the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea, in attempt to flee from ‘‘harsh and unfriendly’’  yet an Unveiled Africa.

In other to attract Investment to Africa, Africans must be prepared to change their ways of doing business and have the right attitude towards mankind.

Our vision is to create a new entrepreneurial consciousness of gainful employment and Economic empowerment among African youths.

To work in partnership with the African Heads of Government, to Industrialise Africa, thereby eradicating Unemployment and Hunger in Africa.

Our values are summed up in what we have identified as defining essence and notable philosophy of’;

  • Discipline
  • Hard work
  • Creative intelligence
  • Goal setting and planning
  • Human capacity development
  • Boldness
  • Respect for ethics; and
  • Excellence

Our Sphere of Activities


ESGADIA shall rigorously campaign for value reorientation of the minds of African Parents, African Youths, Traditional Leaders, Religious Leaders and Political Leaders in order to harness our core values of Family and Community living for Industrial application.

This  we hope to achieve through media advocacy campaign and leadership mentoring.

Government & Private Partnership

ESGADIA shall collaborate with relevant experts to review Governments Macro and Micro Economic policies or same that affect manufactures & entrepreneurs in Africa as they affect Africa Industrialization. This we hope to achieve by establishing a liaison with government at all levels in other to ensure that such policies are people and growth oriented

Solutions To Ailing Local Industries

Through various forms particularly business round-table workshop, seminars and expert opinions shall be harnessed from discussions towards identifying peculiar problems of ailing industries, low capacity utilization and factors militating against the development of Africa’s Industrialization.


ESGADIA will seek for funds and factory machines directly from donors; Private sector, Public sector, Corporate organisations, Governments and NGOs. These funds shall be applied directly to purchase machines and establish factories where some of our African youths will be gainfully employed.
We will also facilitate funding on behalf of Government and Private Organizations for the establishment of locally based Industries through the instrumentality of our members and partners’ age-longed relationships with Funders and Investors.

Experts Collaboration

ESGADIA in collaboration with economic experts shall review Government’s Macro and Micro Economic policies as they affect Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs in Africa, liaise with Governments where and when necessary to ensure such policies are people and growth oriented.