President Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus plan, the massive Federal Reserve and US government stimulus programs have helped Gold move higher in 2021. President Biden supports additional fiscal stimulus to combat the economic impact of the coronavirus.

Mineral Experts including Albanian Minerals expects higher inflation over the coming months, this will help the Precious Metals prices and demand.

The Gold imports in India for the month of January surged by 72% from a year earlier.

China’s Lunar New Year holiday is the Gold’s best season, time to buy Gold, kicks off. There is great optimism about new year Gold sales as Chinese economy has improved considerably .

With the global economy and financial markets so volatile as coronavirus infection is escalating , many Global Investors are turning to Gold as a tangible investment. Gold holds its value and provides easier liquidity than most other investments.

Gold is the answer for inflation, hyper inflation and how to beat it. Gold is probably the safest investment that can be made in these global economic uncertain times.

There are not many other things you can invest in that shows the same level of strength as Gold does.

Gold is a great way to protect your savings from inflation and make a nice profit at the same time.

Gold has traditionally always been a strong investment. The reason is that people are afraid to invest their money in currencies when the economy takes a dip.

Gold has always had value in societies for thousands of years.

Gold has a staying power that just will not quit. People continue to invest in Gold, no matter how the economy is doing, which makes it a strong investment.

Currently, many people are choosing not to invest in currencies, which means they continue to purchase more and more Gold. As more and more people continue to put their money into Gold, this allows the overall price of Gold to continue to rise.

Gold has a history of rising in value during the roughest economies. Currently, the global economy is incredibly rough and the price of Gold has been shown to rise.

For the person who wants a high quality investment that will always stand the test of time, Gold is the perfect answer.

Even when the economy is doing well, this Gold investment just never quits and always has a high value.

Gold is one of those few high-quality investments that is a smart option for any investor. As my Grandfather always said in Tropoje, Albania. “You need Gold as a Safe Heaven”

Albanian Minerals is investing in Gold Mining industry and it’s joining ESGADIA in calling on Investors to invest in Gold in Africa.

Sahit Muja
President and CEO
Albanian Minerals
New York